Use hempcrete in YOUR project!
Ideal infill for additions, remodels, retrofits, and new construction, both residential and commercial; hempcrete is a sustainable, mold-resistant,
rot-resistant, pest-resistant,  fire-resistant, carbon sequestering building material that provides optimal indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Hemp Technologies is the first company to build 
fully permitted, zero-VOC, healthy hempcrete homes in the U.S.!

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Hemp Technologies is uniquely positioned and very proud to offer their Hempcrete Workshop participants a world class team comprised entirely of industry leaders, experienced hempcrete builders and professional instructors from around the world who are immersed in sustainability, industrial hemp and green building. The specific team for each workshop is based on availability, and Skype is utilized to include remote instruction from one or more of our experts in addition to live instruction.

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​​​Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. is the President of Hemp Technologies, sits on the Boards of both the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and U.S. Hemp Industries Associations, is the Sales & Business Development Officer for Hemp Production Services, and she is the instructor for Oregon State University’s course WSE266 Industrial Hemp (ecampus, as she lives in Canada, where she is a dual-citizen). Since 2005, Anndrea has been a Health Canada Authorized Hemp THC Sampler and has advised Health Canada on a wide spectrum of Cannabis projects. Anndrea has assisted with creating and reviewing hemp regulations in Canada, the European Union, South Africa, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, India, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Missouri, Colorado, California, Oregon and Michigan, which regulations govern the hemp industry.

​Greg Flavall is the Vice President of Hemp Technologies. Born in 1959 in New Zealand, Greg graduated High School in Vancouver, Canada. He pursued a career in building, learning all facets of construction, later moving to California where he partnered with a friend to start a General Contracting company. 2005 saw a change of direction for Greg when he learned about the many benefits of industrial hemp and its applications, particularly with regard to construction, to reduce the CO2 emitted from mineral based building products and to increase indoor air quality. In 2008, Greg co-founded Hemp Technologies (USA) Inc. in Asheville, NC to build healthy, energy saving homes with hemp and lime.

Joy Beckerman is the Principal Industrial Hemp Specialist at Hemp Ace International, a Seattle-based advisory, educational and brokerage firm. After opening the first hemp store in NY in the early 1990’s, Joy served as Secretary to the VT Hemp Council upon passage of the inaugural Vermont hemp bill in 1996. She then commenced an extensive dual career as a compliance and complex civil litigation paralegal supporting some of Seattle’s most distinguished attorneys. Joy is a renowned speaker, advisor, educator, and writer throughout North America, instructing on hemp subjects from history, law, policy, infrastructure, and farming to permaculture, hempcrete, and the wide spectrum of hemp industries. Joy has presented at continuing legal education seminars and numerous colleges, universities and conferences over the last nearly quarter of a century, and is an Advisor to and Board Member of multiple Cannabis associations and entities.

Tim Callahan is the Technical Design Analyst and partner at Alembic Studio in Asheville, NC. Tim has over 30 years of experience in design-build projects ranging from single family homes to bluewater sailing yachts, intentional communities and more. He has worked extensively as a licensed General Contractor, Marine Engineer, timber framer, and fine woodworker. Over the past decade, his body of work has primarily consisted of the design and construction of ultra energy-efficient homes built with local, natural materials. He is co-author of the book “Building Green” and has resided with his family in Asheville, NC since 1992.

Stew Oliver is a Sustainable Master Builder based in Ontario, Canada. Stew commenced his green building relationship with hempcrete on his own family’s home, and takes every opportunity to incorporate hemp and lime breathable wall systems into his company’s many construction projects. Stew has been honored with constructing multiple green builds for Canada’s First Nations, and seeks to deliver hemp building across all provinces. Stew’s methods also particularly focus on community building, and his unique experience and perspective are fascinating.

Stephen Clarke graduated with a B.Sc. from King’s College, London; he is the co-founder and director of Heaven Grown, and Hemp Technologies’ representative in Mexico. Stephen has over 10 years of experience in the field of agriculture as well as designing and installing renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, thermal, hydraulic, soil remediation, water treatment, and more). He is a member of the National Association of Solar Energy (ANES, Mexico) and directed the implementation of the first critical process solar system. In recent years, Stephen has been focused on researching, developing and promoting sustainable construction methods that involve the use of hemp and bamboo.