Hemp Technologies is a world leading supplier of hempcrete building materials, and provides design, technical, and building services to the global community. Hempcrete, a long since known non-structural construction infill made from industrial hemp and a lime-based binder, provides the healthiest possible construction for a safe, high quality indoor air environment. It is mold-resistant, rot-resistant, fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Hempcrete is a carbon negative, carbon sequestering building material that is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years. Hempcrete regulates temperature and has a high vapor permeability, so it can absorb and release water, allowing it to respond to changing humidity levels and creating a low embodied energy “breathable wall.” In many climates, a 12” hempcrete wall will facilitate app. 60⁰F indoor temperatures year-round without the use of heating or cooling systems. Experience the earthly science, creativity, outstanding performance and low embodied energy of building with hemp and lime ~ Join us at one of our Hempcrete Workshops, led by a world class team of industry leaders, experienced hemp builders and professional instructors who promise to engage and amaze!  

Workshops: Our workshops include dynamic and fascinating presentations on the science and use of hempcrete, along with complimentary whole healthy house building applications, the current federal regulatory landscape of cultivation, and current processing infrastructure. Workshops also include the hand-mixing and forming of your own hempcrete block and a delicious hempseed-fortified lunch!  Don't miss an opportunity to attend one of our captivating Hempcrete Workshops and learn from the experts!

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Chicago, IL, Fri., Oct. 20, 2017 (Details Here)​​

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Ideal infill for additions, remodels, retrofits, and new construction, both residential and commercial; hempcrete is a sustainable, mold-resistant,
rot-resistant, pest-resistant,  fire-resistant, carbon sequestering building material that provides optimal indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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